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A PRIME Patient Testimonial from Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center

DeKeitra is a valued PRIME patient from Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center in Houston, Texas. Listen as she shares the experience both she and her family members consistently receive from their Next Level PRIME membership!

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What is Next Level PRIME?

Through Next Level PRIME, employees and their families have access to medical care with Next Level 7-days a week for Primary Care, Preventive Care, Chronic Care, Urgent Care and 24/7 Telemedicine & Virtual Visits. As a robust employer medical care solution, Next Level PRIME serves to enable a healthy workforce, retains top-tier organizational talent, and promotes employee loyalty. 

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center is one of many employers who have discovered the benefits of advanced primary care, and a partnership with Next Level. To get the full scope on Next Level PRIME, click the button below to watch our recent LinkedIn livestream!

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