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Take Back Control of Your Healthcare Budget! March PRIME Time Recap

Listen as we discuss how ICHRA health plans paired with Next Level PRIME can help employers control their healthcare budget!

The 401k of Group Health Benefits

In a perfect world, health benefits would be a source of improved hiring, talent retention, and reduced turnover within an organization. Moreover, these benefits would be affordable for both the employer and employee. However in 2024, high premiums, deductibles, and coinsurance continue to plague businesses of all sizes, making little to no positive impact on individual health whatsoever.

Often called the “401k of health benefits”, Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangements (ICHRA) present a strategic avenue for employers to take back control of their healthcare spending. Encompassed in ICHRAs are Health Access Benefits that usually involve Advanced Primary Care models or services. Amidst the healthcare cost crisis of 2024, employers are exploring these avenues now more than ever.

Topics Covered in the Video

  • Tell us about your background in business and healthcare.
  • What is ICHRA and why is it being called the 401K of group health benefits?
  • How does an ICHRA work compared to group health insurance?
  • What types of businesses work best with ICHRA?
  • Should an interested company wait for open enrollment to contact Scoop Health?
  • Does size matter when it comes to ICHRA?
  • Why are more businesses not adopting an ICHRA model?
  • What keep business owners from switching to an ICHRA plan?
  • Tell us about some of your best ICHRA success stories!

Make Healthcare Free For Your Employees

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