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Next Level Prime: Where Healthcare Meets Compassion With Juliet Breeze, MD

Recently, Next Level Medical Founder & CEO Juliet Breeze, MD sat down with Altiqe Founder & Podcast host Allison De Paoli to discuss the full spectrum of Next Level PRIME! Watch the full interview below, listen on your favorite podcast platform, or read the blog post and full conversation transcript.

What is Next Level PRIME?

Today’s medical care system has made accessing healthcare an overly complicated, expensive, and time-consuming experience. Next Level PRIME eliminates these obstacles to ensure a healthy workforce, reducing the cost of health benefits for employers and eliminating barriers to care. Click here to see what our clients are saying about PRIME!

Through our Next Level PRIME employer healthcare solution, employees and their families have access to medical care with Next Level 7-days a week for Primary Care, Preventive Care, Chronic Care, Urgent Care and 24/7 Telemedicine & Virtual Visits. Additional programs and services include:

  • Health & wellness coaching
  • Behavioral health & emotional wellness counseling
  • Licensed RN care navigators
  • Blood draws, labs and immunizations/vaccines

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