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Next Level PRIME Health Coaching – March PRIME Time Recap

In our March ‘PRIME Time’ LinkedIn livestream, Chief Medical Officer Karen Rakers, MD is joined by Next Level Health Coach Laura Williams, PA-C to discuss Next Level PRIME Health Coaching!

Topics Covered in the Video

  1. What is Next Level PRIME?
  2. What is PRIME health coaching?
  3. What is the general approach to helping PRIME patients through health coaching?
  4. How can health coaching positively influence weight management?
  5. How is the health coach part of the PRIME team?
  6. How can someone become a Next Level PRIME member?
  7. Are heath coaching benefits available to family members?
  8. Is PRIME health coaching limited?
  9. Closing thoughts – why should employers invest in PRIME?
  10. Health tip of the week from Laura Williams, PA-C!

What is Next Level PRIME Health Coaching?

Next Level PRIME health coaching is a unique, holistic, and personalized wellness benefit available to PRIME members and their families, all at no added cost. Through in-person and virtual avenues, PRIME members and their families (both one-on-one and as a family) benefit from the following:

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