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What is Next Level PRIME? February PRIME Time Recap

What is Next Level PRIME? How can it benefit employers and their employees? What sets this benefit apart from standard organizational health care benefits? We answer these questions and more during our February ‘PRIME Time’ LinkedIn Livestream, featuring Next Level Chief Medical Officer Karen Rakers, MD and Next Level Founder & CEO Juliet Breeze, MD.

Topics Covered in the Video

  1. Who is Next Level Urgent Care?
  2. What is Next Level PRIME?
  3. How was the idea of Next Level PRIME conceived?
  4. What sets PRIME apart from traditional health care?
  5. What should employers know about PRIME?
  6. What are some success stories of existing PRIME partnerships?
  7. What are some key benefits to employees and their families? 
  8. Will PRIME ever be a benefit for individuals?

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